Readying the next generation of female STEM entrepreneurs for life outside the box.

These are the startups presenting at the first ever Demo Day for Outbox Incubator: each has been founded by a girl on the programme who is aged between 11 and 22, and resides within the EU.

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OB Execs only.


Judging Categories:


  • Most investable
  • Can't believe it doesn't exist
  • Best use of STEM
  • Finest Pitch
  • Outstanding Design
  • People's Choice

How to enter

Please upload your startup logo, description, link to landing page and link to your presentation.


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Judging Criteria

  • Most Investable
    This startup is most ready for investment and if you had the power, you would invest, yesterday.
  • Can't believe that doesn't exist
    This startup has created something which should really already be a product available to customers.
  • Best use of STEM
    This startup has used an advanced level of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths-based innovation and theory.
  • Finest Pitch
    This startup did the best presentation
  • Outstanding Design
    This startup showed a particularly well designed prototype/screenshot/demo.